Creating the ultimate outdoor space has never been easier thanks to our tips and tricks for backyard landscaping. Get inspired to start—and complete!—your next garden project with the help of these great ideas.

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How to Make—and Fill—a Raised Garden Bed
Since the Middle Ages, when monks filled them with medicinal plants, raised beds have been a smart, simple way to sow and grow things practically anywhere. They're invaluable in vegetable gardens, but great for cultivating fragrant blooms or succulents, too. Read on, and rise up.
Spring Has Sprung Inside Martha's Vegetable Greenhouse! Here's What She's Making with Her Verdant Bounty
The weather outside may still be wintry, but inside Martha's greenhouse, it's lush as can be. Here, she shares how she grows vibrant produce year-round, and a few simple ways she puts her harvest to flavorful use.
Everything You Need to Know About Painting Your Shed
A fresh dose of color can breathe new life into this outdoor storage spot.
Add These Six Flowers to Your Outdoor Planters for Summer-Long Color
With the right care, these bright blooms will last all season long, making them perfect for summertime gardens and patio pots.

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This Los Angeles Horticultural Center Is Home to a Myriad of Rare Plants—Discover Some of Our Favorites

On a busy stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, an unassuming storefront conceals a vast horticultural wonderland. For 50 years, The Tropics Inc. has supplied intriguing and ultra-rare plants to collectors, movie stars, and set designers, and it's going— and growing—strong. Get happily lost in its maze-like rooms, and meet the artist behind these incredible plantings.